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Celestial Wordbearers can convert others to favoring House Moon & Star, inspire a friendly army with their enlightened rhetoric (and by the same token demoralise an enemy force), reduce the chances of successful bribery, calm and inspire an angry populace or incite revolt in an oppressed one. Celestial Wordbearers are recruited via Celestial buildings. They can convert both provinces and other agents - although it is impossible for a Celestial Wordbearer to convert an Apostle and vice versa. Conversion of a population to House Moon & Star takes place simply via the Wordbearer's presence in a province. The trusting nature of this agent makes him highly susceptible to assassination by Nighthooves.

Recruitment Cost: 500


  • Convert Provinces

Passively Changes the Sentiments of the Local Populace into favoring House Moon & Star. A Higher Conversion Skill increases the amount of Influence that this agent has in the local province.

  • Convert Enemy Agent

Convince an Enemy Agent into abandoning the cause of their Employer. If successful, the Agent will retire temporarily or permanently. Make sure to consider the odds of success before attempting Conversion as the Agent might be Executed upon failure.

  • Inspire Town

Increases the Happiness of the Settlement that his Agent is assigned to.

  • Inspire Army

Increases the Morale of the Army that this Agent is assigned to. A Higher Inspiration Skill provides a bigger Morale Bonus of the attached Army.

  • Demoralise Enemy Army
  • Incite Rebellion

Encourage a Violent Uprising in this province. If successful, a Pro-Moon & Star Rebel Army will appear to raid the countryside and/or capture the settlement. Make sure to consider the odds of success before attempting Incitement as the Agent might be Executed upon failure. A Higher Incitement Skill increases the success rate of Starting Violent Uprisings.



Effects & Descriptions

Skill Effects Description
1  ?
Brimstone & Fire +2 to Demoralizing Enemy Armies "The horrendous depths of Tartarus await thee, infidels!"
Divine Intervention
  • -10% Chance of Being Assassinated
  • +20% Cost of Unsuccessful Enemy Actions
"Celestia protects those who stay true to the path."
Celestial Enlightenment
  • +1 to Happiness when Ministering to a Province
  • +1 to Converting Provinces
  • +1 to Inspiring Armies
  • +1 to Converting Agents
"Let Celestia's Light be your guidance."
1  ?
1  ?
1  ?
1  ?


Retainer Effects Description
Ecclesiarchal Bodyguard -20% Chance of Being Assassinated "Suffer not the Tresspass of Heretics."
Celestial Psalter  ?
1  ?
1  ?
1  ?
1  ?
1  ?
1  ?


Trait Effects Description
Devout  ?
Fervour +1 to Converting Provinces
Blessed +1 to Happiness in the Province this Agent is Present in
Benevolent +2 to Happiness in the Province this Agent is Present in
1  ?
1  ?
1  ?
1  ?
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