Cultist Glaive Zealots
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Class Heavy Infantry
Size Small
Recruitment (Upkeep) 900 (200)
Requirements Cultist Refuge
Melee Attack 16
Charge Bonus 15
Vs Beasts 10
Range/Accuracy/Reloading Skill/Ammunition 0/0/0/0
Armour (Melee Defence) 2 (9)
Morale 15
Speed 4

"Crazed Fanatics with Pole-arms is reason enough for worry."


Cultist Zealots are the keepers and defenders of The Laughing Mare's Sites of Worship. Aside from being the most dedicated followers and the most fervent howlers of Cultist Praise, Zealots are among the most dangerous threats that anypony outside of the cult has to deal with due to their surprisingly great skills at fighting. And such martial prowess is necessary to keep the unworthy and unenlightened from trespassing and desecrating the Religious Centres of the Cult. And though they are loathe to leave their sites of worship, Cultist Zealots will lend their skills on the battlefield to terrifying effect against any and all hostiles.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Excellent in Melee
  • Excellent Morale
  • Immune to Bribery and Conversion
  • Expensive to Recruit
  • Susceptible to Missile Fire

Special Abilities

  • WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! - Inspires Friendly Units and Reduces Enemy Morale around this Unit.
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