Infested Spear Militia
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Class Spear Infantry
Size 120 Troops (Small)
Recruitment (Upkeep) Unknown
Requirements Unknown
Melee Attack 5
Charge Bonus 5
Vs Beasts 20
Range/Accuracy/Reloading Skill/Ammunition 0/0/0/0
Armour (Melee Defence) 3 (3)
Morale 7
Speed 4

"Being burnt to ashes is a much more pleasant fate than assimilation."


These Militiaponies are recent victims of the Changeling Swarm who have been cocooned and subjected to a more aggressive strain of the Changeling Infection. Under normal circumstances, the victims undergo drastic physical mutations and usually become ordinary Changelings. But in this case, a genetic aberration causes an interruption in the assimilation process with the victims becoming the Infested Militia instead.

These grotesque ponies retain enough intelligence to fight with spears and wear armor and are, in essence and appearance, a horrid parody and reminder of themselves and their former life before assimilation into the swarm.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Inexpensive
  • Effective against Beasts
  • Average Morale
  • Weak in Melee
  • Vulnerable to Sword Infantry
  • Susceptible to Missile Fire

Special Abilities

  • Spearwall - Increases Melee Attack and Melee Defense but reduces Mobility and makes the Unit more vulnerable to Missile and Flank attacks.
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