Liege Emissary (TWED Building)
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Everfree Chain
Liege Youth
Liege Primarch

Everfree Ents (+2 Exp)

Spawned Defence Forces
Everfree Guardian Ents (2)
Basic Building Statistics
Cost: 4200 Mana, 5 Turns
  • Spreads the Everfree Forest to Neighboring Provinces (+4 Expansion)
  • Increases the Local Spread of the Everfree Forest (+6 Expansion)
Faction Effects
Improves Wisdom Prayers (+12%)


The presence of a Liege Emissary is a strong indication that House Everfree has established a very firm grip on this province which won't come loose anytime soon without a tremendous military effort by their enemies. Also, the exertion of the Everfree Liege's power into this province and the surrounding lands is so great that terraformation is drastically shortened to a matter of weeks, unless hostile efforts to counter the Forest's spread are ramped up.

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