Liege Primarch (TWED Building)
Everfree Chain
Liege Emissary
Everfree Ents (+4 Exp)
Spawned Defence Forces
Everfree Guardian Ents (4)
Basic Building Statistics
Cost: 8500 Mana, 7 Turns
  • Spreads the Everfree Forest to Neighboring Provinces (+6 Expansion)
  • Increases the Local Spread of the Everfree Forest (+8 Expansion)
  • Limit: 1
Faction Effects
Improves Wisdom Prayers (+20%)


The Liege Primarch is a living wonder that is so imposing that it's only natural that many in House Everfree consider it to be an Heir Apparent or even a physical manifestation of the Everfree Liege itself. It is, however, a great tree that is strong enough to hold almost all of the Liege's power, making it more than a suitable enough Anchor and Vessel to, if it intends to do so, allow the Liege to transcend from the astral plane and into the mortal realm itself.

Because of the tremendous power that radiates from the Liege Primarch, the Everfree Forest is guaranteed to overrun the surrounding lands within days. Making the other Factions much more concerned about dealing with House Everfree. And considering how well defended the Liege Primarch is, it would take more than one large army or even more than one House, putting aside their differences for the time being, to even come close enough to this great tree and begin damaging it which, to House Everfree's benefit, is very unlikely to happen with certain success.

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