Liege Sapling (TWED Building)
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Everfree Chain
Liege Youth
Spawned Defence Forces
Basic Building Statistics
Cost: 900 Mana, 2 Turns
  • Increases the Local Spread of the Everfree Forest (+2 Expansion)
Faction Effects
Improves Wisdom Prayers (+5%)


The Liege Sapling is an extension of the Liege's Power and Presence in this province. When willed into existence by the Everfree Druids, the Liege Sapling encourages the Everfree Forest to spread into this province, hastening its terraformation from a land suitable for civilization to one dominated by nature.

This extraordinary and relatively immature plant unwillingly and unintentionally serves as a magnet for House Earthborn's absolute hatred as they consider House Everfree's agenda of spreading the Everfree Forest as an abominable threat to them and all of Equestria.

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