Liege Youth (TWED Building)
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Everfree Chain
Liege Sapling
Liege Emissary

Everfree Ents

Spawned Defence Forces
Everfree Guardian Ents (1)
Basic Building Statistics
Cost: 1800 Mana, 4 Turns
  • Spreads the Everfree Forest to Neighboring Provinces (+2 Expansion)
  • Increases the Local Spread of the Everfree Forest (+4 Expansion)
Faction Effects
Improves Wisdom Prayers (+8%)


Literally put, the Liege Youth is a fledgling "child" of the Everfree Liege that has grown strong enough to begin spreading its roots across longer distances, encouraging the spread of the Everfree Forest into other neighboring provinces which not only brings House Everfree closer to their goals but also brings the unwanted attention of those who have nothing but hateful and destructive intentions for the invading forest and its inhabitants.

Those who would try to reckon with House Everfree, however, are ill advised to come at them without being well prepared because the Liege Youth is now protected by Everfree Ents and can even summon more of them to strengthen the local warbands in protecting and expanding the forest.

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