Matchlock Revelers
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Class Matchlock Infantry
Size Small
Recruitment (Upkeep) 300 (100)
Requirements Fort, Fireworks
Melee Attack 1
Charge Bonus 1
Vs Beasts 0
Range/Accuracy/Reloading Skill/Ammunition 100/25/10/15
Armour (Melee Defence) 1 (1)
Morale 6
Speed 4

"Pop! Goes the weasel!"


A new and uncommon addition to the Cult's forces, Matchlock Revelers are converted Militiaponies and Bandits who use Matchlocks that have been pilfered from the armories or taken from dead gunners. Although they are painfully mediocre at shooting and reloading, the damage caused by a well-placed volley of gunfire is reason enough for Matchlock Revelers to have a place in the Cult's armies.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Inexpensive
  • Armor-Piercing Projectiles
  • Average Morale
  • Poor Accuracy
  • Slow Reload
  • Very Weak in Melee
  • Susceptible to Missile Fire
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